Students who attend San Diego Workforce Innovation High School, are all taught individually in a one-on-one setting, on a personalized track to graduation. We focus on providing a safe educational environment, so that students can focus on their studies.

At San Diego Workforce Innovation High School we provide our students the opportunity to earn a high-school diploma while gaining valuable job skills and doing meaningful work in their community through our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act exclusive partners.

Our partners understand that no two students are alike.  Each student has different learning styles, different backgrounds so their learning plans are created accordingly. Each student is educated in the way that works best for them, not what is easiest for the teacher.

Teachers in our partner programs are trained to get to the core of each and every student. Teachers work towards; learning their back story, understanding how each student learns. They do more than educate. They are counselors, mentors and role models.

Written By:
Ivan Poma