Walk into San Diego Workforce Innovation High School, and you will feel the difference.  Students earn credits from fully accredited institutions all at no cost. We offer personalized one-on-one lessons, flexible hours and year-round access to teachers, computer labs and tutoring.

Through our exclusive partnerships and workforce readiness programs, we can address the needs of students who face unique economic challenges, including out-of-school and at-risk youth who seek college and career opportunities that are not currently available to them in the traditional school system.

San Diego Workforce Innovation High School goal is to successfully prepare students for work or college. Our job training programs are the keys to success inside and outside of the classroom for our students. With our partners, we teach students the job readiness skills they need and offer hands-on training such as paid internships and transitional job programs to allow them to succeed in the workforce and provide for their families after graduation.

In addition to our job readiness coursework, we provide additional services including financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills training, activities to help students transfer to postsecondary education and training, services that provide labor market and employment information in the local area, and education for a specific occupation.

Written By:
Ivan Poma